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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is dependent on your infestation. If you are just receiving a regular treatment for things like spiders, ants, mice, etc., there are no additional steps necessary to prepare your property for the visit.

If you are receiving treatment for bed bugs or cockroaches, we may send you a preparation sheet to prepare certain things within the property to help with treatment, or you may request one by contacting us.

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Regular treatment appointments with us cover the exterior of your property, including a six-foot foundational barrier, windows, doorways, eaves (lower and upper for summer months, lower only in winter months), and possible entry point sprays, as well as lawn & landscaping granule roughly 50 ft from the foundation of the property (seasonal).

Note that we do not “coat” large areas like rock walls, driveways, etc., as this practice is against regulatory laws.

Interior treatments are by request only, and include areas of concern and/or baseboard spray.

Re-service requests are spot treatments only for areas of concern, and may be requested here. This may be any type of regular treatment, spray or granule.

Whether or not you need to be present during your pest control appointment depends on the type of appointment.

Initial appointments for new customers, re-service requests and interior service requests all require someone over 18 to be present for the technician during the entire process.

All other appointments do not require someone to be present for treatment.

The appointment time for new customers is typically around 30 minutes, but this can vary based on the inspection process and the extent of the infestation.

For quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly appointments, expect a technician at your property for 15-30 minutes for exterior treatments. You don’t need to be present for regularly-scheduled appointments unless you’ve requested a re-service or interior treatment. Re-service requests are usually shorter, taking 5-20 minutes, as they’re not full treatment of the property.

Yes, every OBEX 365™ plan includes free interior services. In order to receive an interior service, you must request it at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment by replying to your text notification or texting (720) 597-8702, emailing, chatting with us, or by calling (720) 307-7900.

Interior services are not automatically scheduled, and require someone over 18 to be present.

We recommend treating the inside of your property up to twice a year, or once every six months, depending on the type and severity of the infestation. This is due to product efficacy and breakdown rates, lack of direct sunlight exposure, and foot traffic. Exterior barriers can prevent future pests from entering, but we are happy to treat the inside of your property with a regular treatment scheduled, if requested at least one day prior to the visit.

Products we use are considered safe once dry by their manufacturer, which varies based on the treatment location. Exterior treatments usually dry in a few minutes in direct sunlight, while interior spraying can take 1-2 hours. Lawn and landscaping granules are water-activated and are considered safe once laid.

No. All appointments are scheduled automatically by the system, depending on a number of factors, such as when we’re in the area and your previous appointment(s).

The only time you’d need to make an appointment yourself is if you’re requesting a re-service on the property.

Absolutely. We send a two-day notification, as required by law, by text, call and email (dependent on your account notification settings), of each appointment – regular, re-service, or otherwise. If this date does not work for you, simply reply to the text or email, chat with us, or call us at (720) 307-7900, option 2. While we cannot guarantee a specific day is available, we’re happy to work with you on availability.

Within the limits of the tech’s route on the day of your appointment, we’re happy to schedule a two-hour window of arrival. In most cases, the earliest appointment window is 7-9 am, and the latest arrival is 2-4 pm.

Please note that if you’re contacting us on the day of your appointment, an arrival window may not be available. If your tech is already on the way to your appointment, or currently on-site, for example.

Treatment plans and timelines are built with you, your family or your business in mind.

Each OBEX 365™ plan is different and is tailored to efficacy rates, breakdown rates and your property, based upon information provided to you at the time of sale and/or inspection. Additional treatment(s) may be requested with a re-service request, but are limited by federal, state and city regulatory laws. Remember, you should only ask for a re-service with an active issue occurring. Merely doing so otherwise can lead to an overexposure to pesticides.

As much as we’d love to say yes to this, there is a reason it’s called pest control, and not pest total elimination.

Treatments are extremely effective in reducing pest populations around and inside your property. It will never be a complete elimination of pests, nor will it reduce those populations in a single treatment. The only way to ensure pests remain in a reduced state is with regular upkeep every 60-90 days. As soon as barriers around the home are depleted, Mother Nature will resume her normal course, and it’s possible pests will return.

In some rare instances, like wasps, ants, moths, flies and others, even with current treatment applied on the home, these pests are known to return in a matter of days due to their effective nesting habits.

If you’re still seeing live, active pests after a treatment, please make a re-service request to get a spot treatment of the property. Re-services may be requested on an active-agreement OBEX 365™ plan at any time.

These requests should only be made if: a) you have an active issue at the time of the request, and b) a previous treatment has not occurred in the past fourteen (14) days, or c) an interior-only service is being requested.

Requests will be handled in the order in which they’re received, and dates and/or times selected during the request are not guaranteed. Requests received with a previous appointment too soon to another treatment may be denied or delayed.

Please note that re-service requests are spot treatments only, and are not a full service of the property.

Service requests cannot be fulfilled for accounts with any outstanding balance. To access further services, account balances must be current or enrolled in a payment plan.

OBEX will treat for wasp nests, flies, miller moths, gnats and flying ants on properties; however, we do not guarantee for flying insects. This is due to their nesting habits, and ability to return, despite treatment.

Service does not include the control or prevention of wood infesting organisms such as termites, powder post beetles, wood borers, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood wasps, or wood decay fungus. See the Pest Control Service Agreement for more details.

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The effectiveness of our treatment process depends on direct sunlight exposure and may vary significantly, based on a number of factors around your property. Most of the products we use are micro-capped, and last for up to 60 days, then start to break down. By day 90, the product is usually depleted, and it’s necessary to reapply it to maintain a barrier around the property. If products are applied inside, such as in basements, they typically last for about six months because they’re not exposed to direct sunlight.

We only use products for our pest control services that we would use for our own families. Once dry, all products are considered safe by their manufacturers. Our bait stations, both large and small, come with a special key that only trained technicians can access, preventing anyone else from accidentally coming into contact with the bait. In the unlikely event that a pet, for example, does manage to get into a bait station, the amount of bait consumed is considered to be small and not harmful. If you handle a bait stations around your home, always wash hands before touching your face, any surface, or other object(s) to prevent unintentional exposure.

Contrary to common belief, rain and snow has very little adverse effect on the treatment of your property. Some products are water activated, meaning that moisture can actually even help bolster them and make your barrier stronger from pests. Products usually dry within minutes on the exterior of your property, and even light rain or snow during a treatment will not “wash them away.”

All products we use are extreme-weather tested by their manufacturers to withstand even the worst conditions. If weather is simply too bad to treat your property, your appointment may be rescheduled automatically.

Products we use should not leave any kind of residue on most surfaces. Some materials, like fabrics, are known to have adverse affects, like coloration or a white-out effect, in rare instances, just like any other household product (like a carpet cleaner). We do everything in our power to prevent this; however, we cannot guarantee it may not occur during or after a treatment.

Almost all pesticides have a slight odor to them. Most products we utilize; however, are usually not very noticeable, if at all. If you have any sensitivities, such as allergies, or asthma, you may want to leave the treated area(s) until completely dry. If you have any adverse reaction to treatment, please let us know immediately and speak to your physician prior to resuming treatments.

Absolutely! Products we use are available via our Product Safety Data Sheets page.

Bifenthrin is the labeled main product of our lawn and landscaping granule. This is a sand-based insecticide to help control multiple pests. This product is extremely effective, yet not considered harmful to plants. In fact, Bifenthrin cannot be absorbed by plants Open a new window icon.

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Services may be paid for by credit, debit card or check. AutoPay requires a valid debit or credit card only. At this time, EFT payments, or electronic funds transfer (bank accounts) are not accepted.

Payments can be made online anytime by logging in to your online portal, using the “Make a one-time payment” or “Set or change AutoPay” buttons in ‘Quick Links’ above. Check payments may be mailed to the address listed on your invoice (available using the “View Records / Documents” button above).

For your safety, at this time, we do not accept cash for payment for services.

A “failed payment” notification goes out by email, text and/or phone call each time the payment system is unable to collect a payment on your account for a balance due. This can also show up if you have not saved a card on file with us. Also note that, due to PCI compliance laws, we are unable to retain your card information by selecting the “Pay Now” option on the “Home” tab within your portal. This method is only for one-time payments.

If you’re receiving these messages, here are some things you can check:

See if AutoPay is enabled on your account. Click on “Set or change AutoPay” using the Quick Link option above. If there are no cards on file with us, you are not on AutoPay.

Check with your financial institution. If you are set up for AutoPay, your bank will have more information as to why a debit or credit card was declined.

Contact us. If everything has been confirmed that you are on AutoPay, and you do not have a concern with your bank, our software occasionally does not link a card to the service itself. We’ll need to do this manually on our backend to solve it. Reach out by chat, email, text or call.

Every OBEX 365™ plan is billed on a monthly subscription basis, not per service. This provides the benefits of free re-services, without having to pay every time we visit your property, or if another pest issue arises.

At this time, we do not charge late fees for past due accounts.

Note that if you are more than 30 days past due, your account is subject to disconnection, however. Additional charges, early cancellation fees and other fees under the Pest Control Service Agreement may be due, should this occur.

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Depending on your desired task, you may utilize any of the “Quick links” above to login to your portal with us. If you’d simply like to visit the home of your account, please click here.

Upcoming appointments are available in your online portal on the “Home” tab. On the left of the screen, there is an “Upcoming Appts” label, showing your next appointment with OBEX.

Note that this date is only accurate within the same month, and within two weeks, of the date shown. Any appointment outside of this timeline may change, without notice, at OBEX’s sole discretion.

Select the “View records / documents” button in Quick Links above, or click here. Note that these documents include appointment records, agreements, invoicing and more.

We’re here to help! Customer support is available Monday – Friday, from 9 am to 5pm.

Chat with us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom-left of any page on

Email us at

Text us at (720) 597-8702

Call us at (720) 307-7900

We’re sorry you may be thinking of leaving OBEX!

All customers are bound by our Pest Control Service Agreement, regardless of the time you’ve been with us. If there has been an issue with your service, we want to know and want to help! Your service is backed by our Unbothered Promise℠ – If something isn’t what you expect, let us know and we’ll make it right.

If you’ve been approached by another service – we want to hear about it! Tell us what it is they may have offered, what about the service may be enticing, and what you feel they may do better. Remember, we’re local and a small business – there is very little another company can offer that we cannot do for you!

In order to cancel an account, you must provide 30-day written notice of intent-to-cancel, via email to or text to (720) 597-8702, per § Section 1 of your Agreement. You are required to speak with a member of our staff by email or text response and receive confirmation of the cancellation before an account may be closed. Merely providing written notice of your intent to cancel will not automatically close an account.

Note that if you are under an active-term agreement, you will be responsible for repaying an initial service discount, another monthly statement (if within 30-day notice period), and any current and/or past due balance.

1 Review must be new, and can be verified. Credit may take 1-2 billing cycles, after verification. No cash value.

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