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Common questions about treatments and services with us.

Get to know
your service.

Common questions about treatments and services with us.

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What areas should I expect to have treated?

Regular treatment appointments with us cover the exterior of your home, including a 3×3′ foundational barrier, windows, doorways, eaves and possible entry point sprays, as well as lawn & landscaping granule (seasonal). Note that we do not “coat” large areas like rock walls, driveways, etc., as this practice is against regulatory laws.

Interior treatments are by request only, and include areas of concern and/or baseboard spray.

Re-treatment requests are spot treatments only for areas of concern. This may be any type of regular treatment spray or granule.

How long does a treatment take?

If you’re just beginning service with us, an appointment typically takes around 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the inspection process, as well as the type and extent of the infestation. Someone over 18 is required to be present during the entire initial visit with us.

For regularly-scheduled quarterly or monthly appointments, you can expect a tech at your home for 15-30 minutes. Normal treatments encompass the exterior of the home, so it can be a fairly quick process. Unless you’ve requested to be home, or requested an interior service, you are not required to be present for a regularly-scheduled appointment with us.

For re-service requests, this can also vary from 5-20 minutes. A requested service between treatments is not a full service, so they are generally much faster. Remember, someone over 18 is required to be home for the entire visit.

When can my kids and pets be around the treated area(s)?

The manufacturers of the products we utilize state that products are considered safe once dry. The timeline for this to occur can vary, depending on the treatment location. Outside, in direct sunlight, can be as little as a few minutes. Interior spraying can take 2-4 hours to be completely dry.

We lay a granule in lawn and landscaping areas that are water-activated. After being wet, these will soak into the soil, rendering the area as considered safe. Depending on sunlight, this can vary from a few hours to a few days to fully dry.

How often should I treat the inside of my property?

While this is heavily dependent on the type of infestation you have, as well as its severity, we recommend that you only treat the inside of your home up to twice per year, or once every six months. This is due to product efficacy rates, as well as their breakdown rates, not usually having direct sunlight exposure.

Every property is different, and exterior barriers should prevent future generational pests from entering the home – because of this, it is only our professional pest control recommendation. We’re happy to treat the inside of a property any time it is asked, with a regular treatment scheduled (just let us know one business day prior to the visit).

How long does a treatment last?

While this can vary dramatically, based on direct sunlight exposure, nearly all products used in our treatment process last up to 60 days, then slowly begin to break down. By roughly around day 90, the product is relatively depleted, and will need to be reapplied to keep up a barrier around the property.

Products applied inside, such as those in basements, will generally last around six months, as the product is not usually exposed to direct sunlight.

Are products safe for pets and kids?

Everything we use, including sprays, granules and mice treatments, we utilize for our own families. All products are considered safe, once dry.

Bait stations (large and small) for rodents have a special key that prevents access by anyone, except for a trained technician. If, for any reason, pets get into this box (like Fido eating the plastic station), the amounts are considered small enough to not do harm.

For general rule of thumb, always wash your hands after handling a rodent bait station.

I’m still seeing pests after a treatment.

Always keep in mind that pest control is that – control – and not pest elimination. There is always a chance you may see a pest inside the home alive. The goal of any pest control service, not just ours, is to help reduce populations around the inside of the home – and if they do make it inside, that they die off or leave very shortly after. 

We want to hear from you! We’re only aware of issues between your regular treatment timeframe when you let us know. See the ‘Contact us’ tab for help, or click here to request online.

Remember, by law, we’re only able to retreat a property if it has been two weeks or longer since your last visit to avoid overexposure to pesticides. If this timeline has not yet passed, we’re unable to schedule another visit for you.

I’m seeing a lot of dead pests. Can you come back out to make sure everything is okay?

While we’re always happy to help, seeing dead pests is exactly what we’re all about. It means the treatment is working, as intended. If you’re seeing more dead pests than you expected, you may simply have had a larger infestation than you first thought – rest assured, things are normal.

If you’re seeing live pests around the inside of the home, we’d gladly come back out to spot treat an area of concern. If you’re only seeing dead pests, there isn’t really anything else we’d be much help on.

How often does my property receive treatment?

Any OBEX 365™ account receives treatment on an automatically-scheduled +/- 90-day, or quarterly, treatment plan. As products are considered depleted by this time, it’s important to re-treat the home to ensure the barrier against pests is active.

Other plans, including General Pest Monthly, will receive treatments on the property once every month. These plans are generally commercial properties, or may be suggested for highly-infested locations.

Can I have more visits per month or per year?

Treatment plans and timelines are built with you, your family or your business in mind.

Since your plan is tailored to efficacy rates, breakdown rates and your property, additional treatment is not usually needed. Especially residential locations, it can even lead an over-application of pesticides to do more than what is recommended. Commercial locations, with high foot traffic, it is not recommended to treat more than once per month. 

Should you need some help between treatments, we’re happy to re-treat a home with a free re-service spot treatment, just let us know by filling out our form here.

How do I access my account with you?

Your online customer portal is available by clicking on any of the buttons in “Quick Links” to quickly access features of your account, or by clicking here.

How do I make one-time payments?

Remember, you must be logged into your account to access this information.

Make a one-time payment via the Pay Now portal buttonbutton on the left of the page.
Alert icon for text This method does not store your credit/debit card on file with us.

AutoPay payments must be set up from the “My Info” tab, then scroll to the Appointment Charges section. Click “Set Up”.

Appointment charges / Autopay on site

You may also pay by check to the address listed on your invoice.

At this time, cash payments are not accepted. Unless intended as a tip, do not provide cash to your technician.

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Customer portal provided by Briostack. You will be redirected to their site to access your account with us. OBEX Pest Defense, LLC. is not responsible for this site, and information provided is bound by Brio’s Privacy Policy at