Cockroaches in Colorado

Colorado’s natural beauty, which encompasses the peaceful suburbs of Littleton and the charming town of Golden, as well as the urban areas of Denver and the historic streets of Fort Collins, conceals an ongoing issue that many residents and business owners deal with: cockroach infestations. The first step in eradicating these pests is identifying them, which is made simpler with a knowledge of the appearance and behavior of these cockroaches.

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Colorado's Cockroach Contenders

Though you may think of a single little bug for a Colorado cockroach, the reality is much more complex. Numerous cockroach species, including American and Oriental cockroaches, can be found in Colorado, ranging from the bustling streets of Aurora CO, to the more sedate corners of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Here’s how to identify these unwanted visitors:

  • German Cockroach: German roaches are known for multiplying fast. A tiny species, with a length of ½ to ⅝ inches with two dark, have parallel stripes running from the base of their wings to the top of their heads and have pale brown bodies. Found often in kitchens and bathrooms, they prefer warm, humid areas that are close to food and water.
  • American Cockroach: At a length of up to two inches, the American cockroach is larger than the German roach in size. It has a reddish-brown color, and the back of its head has a pattern that resembles the infinite symbol. These can be especially challenging to eliminate since they can fly and are more likely to be found in basements, sewers, and drains.
  • Oriental Cockroach: The Oriental cockroach, also referred to as the “water bug,” is a little cockroach that can reach a length of approximately one inch. Its body is glossy and dark brown or black. This species is usually found in crawl spaces, basements, and along sewers. It moves toward places that are damp and colder.

Colorado roach behavior, habits and risks

Cockroaches in Colorado are small insects that come out from hiding at night to look for water and food. Due to being drawn to a variety of food sources, kitchens, garbage disposals, and other damp locations where food is handled or stored, are common sites to see roach infestations.

Preventing roaches from entering can be helpful only if you know where they come from to begin with. Gaps, openings, vents, and even regular everyday items (like grocery bags) brought inside, can allow them to enter residences and commercial buildings. Cockroaches are capable of spreading diseases once they’ve established themselves, too, which makes them more likely to worsen allergies, asthma, or even spread those same diseases to your family or customers. This stresses the importance for effective control and prevention measures as soon as an infestation is seen.'s most-hired pest control company in Colorado
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Turning to the Professionals

Due to roaches’ adaptability and resilience to their surroundings, it’s often required to get professional help for cockroach infestations here in Colorado. Pest control experts here at OBEX have the skills and resources necessary to contain and control infestations, and help with their removal or reduction, whether you’re in Denver, Aurora, Arvada, or Colorado Springs. Recognizing that a customer will require other methods of assistance is also likely, even when caught early on – such as sanitation, or possible exclusion work, in addition to regular, and ongoing, treatment within the home or business.

Although cockroaches are a tough pest, they can be managed with the correct information and professional guidance. A healthy, cockroach-free environment can be maintained by being aware of the several varieties of cockroaches that exist in Colorado, comprehending their behavior and habitats, and taking preventative and proactive measures for management. Consulting with experts like us here at OBEX can give homeowners and business owners dealing with cockroach problems the piece of mind that comes with practical pest control solutions.

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